Steve Colemand & Five Elements - Black Science MP3/Flac

1. The X Format (Standard Deviation)
2. Twister
3. Turbulence
4. Beyond All We Know
5. A Vial Of Calm
6. Black Phonemics
7. Ghost Town
8. Magneto
9. Cross-Fade
10. Black Phonemics (Reprise)

This album was my first introduction to Steve Coleman. It is simply amazing in both its complexity and groove, which it does in every song. Mr. Coleman used to offer transcriptions of his compositions. I don't believe he does so any more. Too bad, because some heads boggle the brain while keeping you fascinated and attentive. Marvin "Smitty" Smith's drumming is on top of the beat, never missing, and some grooves you'll want to imitate if you're a musician.
I have heard many of Mr. Coleman's other recordings but this remains my favorite. Do whatever you can to find it! It's amazing to me that it is out-of-print.