VA - Mushroom Jazz Vol 1 (Rap/Jazz) MP3/Flac

1. Bossa Nova - Mr. Electric Triangle
2. Remember Me - Blue Boy
3. Get This - Groove Nation
4. Pick Me Up - Deadbeats
5. Gibby Music - Apollo Grooves
6. Midnight Calling - Naked Funk
7. Midnight Calling (Fly Amanita Remix) - Mark Farina
8. If We Lose Our Way - Paul Johnson
9. In Hale - Hydroponic Groove Session
10. Warm Chill - Julius Papp
11. Music Use It - Lalomie Washburn
12. Longevity - J Live

This CD is simply the product of all good music combined. Hip-Hop beats, Jazz, Vocals, Blues, you name it. The title "mushroom jazz" is just perfect to describe the kind of music. It's jazzy and trippy. In my opinion, people who are into hardcore rap wouldn't like it. This is not a rap album. It is the beats that sound like hip-hop but with instruments and vocals layered on top of it. If you just want to chill out or want to create a lounge atmosphere, then this is the CD to play. This album is just the beginning of the series of whole new sounds!