Playing Ecologically MP3/Flac

77 artists, 40 different points of Attica and a masterpiece of the hellenic literature, compose the canvas of action and the creation of the "alternative" video "Playing Ecologically - "Living sensibly" - "Acting collectively».
Our initiative is based on the conviction, that art and primarily music, are powerful enough to inspire and mainly bring together people to a common fight.

We have thus created this video, in order to give our own message for awakening, vigilance, sensitization and action for preserving and improving environmental quality -- the quality of our life. Besides, with the word 'environment', we don't mean only the natural, but also the social and cultural environment where we live in!

In the above framework therefore, we have selected "Erotokritos": this literary symbol, the masterpiece of hellenic and world literature. The deep lyricism, its «live» language, the force in the description, the intense presence of naturalist element, make "Erotokritos" an enormous asset of our cultural heritage.

The selection of the places where the shootings have taken place, has been based on our effort to highlight significant green spots of Attica, even within Athens (in many cases unknown even to Athenians) which we should protect and preserve, but also places in Athens that constitute attractive poles not only for us but also for foreigners.

Simultaneously, using indirect ecological reports (projection of alternative sources of energy, using tram, "blue" buckets, recycling of cars etc.) we have tried to highlightt alternative attitudes and behaviors, that we should adopt in our everyday routine.

The most important aspect of this action has been the human: the artists and everyone who believed in our aim and wanted to become helpers in this effort - with their voluntary attendance - and at the same time inspire us with their own way.

It is evident that, only through collective efforts and common action, we will be able to accomplish the "change" and keep the hope alive in the current "dead-end", that we have been experiencing. So, let's take our individual responsibilities and join our voices, like these 77 artists have done, in order to regain the right to the dream, for us and our children!

We will continue "Playing Ecologically", "living sensibly" and "acting collectively"!