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"Hey Girl" was the fourth song release by popular British R&B group Small Faces. The song reached number ten on the UK Singles Charts in 1966.

"Hey Girl" was released on 6 May 1966 with the B-side "Almost Grown". The song was written by Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane and was a compromise between the band and Don Arden as Arden wanted a very commercial sounding song. A week later the groups' debut album on Decca Small Faces hit the UK charts reaching number 3.

After the success of "Hey Girl" an employee of Robert Stigwood's management company contacted the band to see where they stood[clarification needed], when Don Arden found out, he, along with four "heavies" visited Stigwood's London offices and Arden hung Stigwood by his legs from a balcony window and threatened violence if he interfered with his bands ever again; the story would become common knowledge around the music industry, cementing Arden's tough man reputation.

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Small faces - Almost Crown

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