Kosma - New Aspects 2005 (INFRACom) MP3/Flac

Label : INFRACom

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This cd is a compilation of some of those 12" tracks and a few new bits. The Kosma style is quite a unique approach, consisting of layers and layers of samples, keyboards and syncopated beats. I have mixed feelings: sometimes the music sounds overproduced, as if he couldn't stop adding layers, chord progressions, breaks and fills. But on the other hand, that's often what makes these long tunes so amazing and rich, and gives them a clear cinematic edge. Most tracks sound at their best when played (very) loud, revealing the deepest sounds and the most beautiful details...

Kosma incorporates a great deal of sampled orchestral instruments, like flutes, strings, woodwinds, ... next to lots of exotic instruments from all over the world. Highlights to me are 'Aspekte' and 'Effatholar City' - not coincidentally together on one 12" which I bought. These are the best examples of the intricate combinations of samples, beats and synths. 'Effatholar City' is simply a jawdropping epic broken monster, I just can't stop nudging up the volume! I'm not a fan of 'Small Swinging Istanbul' with its oriental influences, or the bombastic 'La Seule Fleur Dans le Jardin' - but that's a personal preference.

This opus certainly sheds some light on Roskow's position in Jazzanova - you can compare the similarities (the percussion and arrangements) and differences (less soul and funk) throughout. Recommended if you're into 'ze German sound'..

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Kosma - La Seule Fleur Dans Le Jardin (for karen)

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By Electric Looser