Ambros Seelos - Fire 1968 (MPS) MP3/Flac

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Ambros Seelos, a German music composer, singer, arranger, conductor, beginning in the 1960s-2000's.Ambros Seelos and his orchestra performed Big Band sound music. He worked along with Dalibor Brazda in his music endeavors as well. He contributed with The In-Kraut in a song entitled, "Swingle Beat", volume 2. He also collaborated with Sylvester Levay on numerous music industry albums and songs,in Germany where Ambros Seelos is well known. He produced an album entitled, "I Left My Heart in Heidleberg", with Sylvester Levay with singer/song writer Troy Cory in 1970.

Label : Gueguster (1974)

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Ambros Seelos - Swingle Beat (From Lp Fire)

Ambros Seelos - Du Bist Wie Ein Märchen (From Lp Fire)

Ambros Seelos - Mabusso (From Lp International)

Ambros Seelos - Brass Glitter (From Lp International)

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