JULIE LONDON - About The Blues.- 1957 MP3/Flac


mp3 / 320kbps
Track Listing
1. Basin Street Blues
2. I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues
3. Nightingale Can Sing the Blues, A
4. Get Set for the Blues
5. Invitation to the Blues
6. Bye Bye Blues
7. Meaning of the Blues
8. About the Blues
9. Sunday Blues
10. Blues Is All I Ever Had, The
11. Blues in the Night
12. Bouquet of Blues

Album Features
UPC:    724353869526
Release Year:    2002
Record Label:    Blue Not

13. Baby, Baby All the Time (Bonus)
14. Shadow Woman (Bonus)
15. Meaning of the Blues(45 Single Take) (Bonus)
16. Dark (Bonus)