Level III - Freezin\' \'Em (1991) MP3/Flac

Artist: Level III
Title: Freezin' 'Em
Label: EMI Records
Year: 1991
Genre: R&B/Hip-Hop/New Jack Swing
Format: Album
Quality: VBR
Playtime: 60:33min


01 Groove Ya
02 Lies
03 That's What You Get (Introducing Lipstick)
04 Freezin' 'Em
05 You're II Fly
06 Fun In My House
07 Taste U
08 Hypnotized
09 My Benz (ft. The O'Jays)
10 Miss Mystery
11 Brown's Magic
12 My Heart Is Breakin'
13 I'll Be Your Shelter (ft. Or-N-More)