Daddy Long Legs - King For A Day MP3/Flac

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Time: 42:46
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2008
Styles: Blues Rock
Label: Daddy Long Legs
Art: Front

01. King For A Day (2:35)
02. Tell One Lie (3:11)
03. What I Don't Know (3:48)
04. Guilty (4:02)
05. Hide My Tears (4:32)
06. One Drink Too Many (4:07)
07. Deluxe Motel (4:25)
08. Take My Heart (4:32)
09. No Rest For The Wicked (3:11)
10. Last Chance (3:23)
11. Drives The Girls Crazy (2:02)
12. Shiver And Shake (2:51)

For Daddy Long Legs, playing the blues has nothing to do with nostalgia, or trying to recreate their blues record collections. Rather, it’s about mashing together all the brawn of riff-based garage rock, the soul of 60’s era rhythm and blues, and the jump and shuffle of the West Coast and Chicago sounds to create new blues music that is about the here-and-now. With their original material and modern sound, Daddy Long Legs have become an enigma of the music scene, appealing to an eclectic bunch of blues purist, rock-abillies, swing dancers, and alt-rockers alike.

Formed in 2001, Daddy Long Legs features Mike Elliott, winner of Ottawa’s 6th Annual Blues Guitar Riff-Off, on guitar and lead vocals. Elliott teamed up with previous band mate Jeff Wagner, a drummer with clock work timing, and the pair quickly sought the powerhouse harp skills of Chris Junior Malleck, who had been seen sharing the stage with such blues notables as Big Dave Maclean and the Rockin’ Highliners. The line-up was finally completed with the addition of the infamous bassist Steve Toms, one of the founding members of the alternative rock band The Miniatures. With live shows that roll heavy like a steamroller, Daddy Long Legs was quickly recognized as something special, and caught the eye, and ears, of many promoters. As a result, in addition to steady local gigging, the band has appeared in shows with the likes
of The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Mel Brown, Bob Margolin, Big Bill Morganfield and Eddy ‘The Chief’ Clearwater. For their third disc, “King for a Day”, Daddy Long Legs tapped the production talents of rising blues star Steve Marriner (Dog My Cat Records recording artist). Released in early 2008, “King for a Day” guarantees to make newcomers to Daddy Long Legs' music sit up and take notice.