Nobby Reed - 3 albums: Heart In Hand / Cure For The Blues / Guitar On My Back MP3/Flac

Nobby Reed has always been about playing the guitar. Like so many others of his generation, he was introduced to the instrument during his early years in a magical time when some of the world’s greatest electric guitarists were making their presence known. Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana and Duane Allman, just to name a few, all had one thing in common; they were playing the blues. They were emulating their heroes and playing tunes by Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon, BB King, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and Howlin’ Wolf.

Many youngsters picked up guitars in those days with varying degrees of effort and success, but Nobby was different. He didn’t just pick up the guitar, he became the guitar. The guitar became part of him, and Nobby played the blues. He learned how to make the guitar do the talking, how to make it sing, how to make it cry from the depths of his soul and rejoice with the angels. You have only to watch other guitarists when they are watching him to realize you are witnessing something you just don’t see or hear every day. This man can sweep an audience away to another place with his guitar playing alone.

After paying his dues in the relative obscurity of the Northeastern U.S. bar scene for many years, recording and performing in a host of different bands, he released his first solo CD in 1997 to critical acclaim both locally and nationally. “Guitar On My Back” was listed by Blues Revue Magazine as one of the top ten CDs listened to in the office by their staff. Reed hit the road with his own band and the Nobby Reed Project was born.

Album: Heart In Hand
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 48:31
Size: 112.6 MB
Label: NRP/Living Room Records
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 2007
Art: Front

[4:37] 1. Shelter
[4:13] 2. 24 Hours
[5:01] 3. Love Can Take Your Heart
[3:52] 4. Blues From The Harp
[2:31] 5. Head Buttin'
[4:11] 6. Can You Feel It
[4:55] 7. Are You Ready
[3:11] 8. Rode Hard
[7:17] 9. The Night Remains
[8:39] 10. Down In Space

Heart In Hand

Album: Cure For The Blues
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 47:11
Size: 109.3 MB
Label: Living Room Records
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 2001
Art: Front

[3:28] 1. Heavy Heart
[2:58] 2. Kiss Me
[4:46] 3. Fill Me Up
[6:52] 4. Why?
[4:23] 5. Joyride
[4:59] 6. The Rev
[4:50] 7. How You Feel
[2:18] 8. Swing Fling
[6:36] 9. Cure For The Blues
[5:58] 10. Praying The Blues

Cure For The Blues

Album: Guitar On My Back
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 53:04
Size: 123.1 MB
Label: NRP/Living Room
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 1996
Art: Front

[4:15] 1. Out The Bottle
[3:58] 2. Satisfied Blues
[2:43] 3. Nothin' Takes The Place
[1:58] 4. Buddy's Muscle
[3:44] 5. Good Times
[3:36] 6. Dance Away Your Blues
[5:18] 7. E-Z Goin Papa
[4:58] 8. Where Does My Love Lie?
[5:44] 9. I'm Crying Too
[1:57] 10. River's Edge
[4:29] 11. Gift Of Love
[4:27] 12. My Intentions
[5:53] 13. At The Bottom

Guitar On My Back