The Midnight Blues Band - Peekin\' Thru Muddy Water MP3/Flac

Size: 140,4 MB
Time: 60:53
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2007
Styles: Blues Rock, Electric Blues
Label: Red I Records
Art: Modern

01. Blue Monday (5:38)
02. Muddy Water (5:15)
03. Satisfied (3:52)
04. I've Got A Woman (5:37)
05. Low Down (6:22)
06. Mercury Blues (5:11)
07. Come On Home (4:44)
08. My Special Place (4:24)
09. The Deal (2:05)
10. Sinner's Prayer (6:39)
11. Mojo Workin' (5:18)
12. Stormy Monday (5:43)

The Midnight Blues Band was formed in mid 1998 of all veteran musicians. The roots of their music is a blend of each members own style, one part South Chicago Blues, one part Texas Blues, a touch of classic R&B and topping it all off with a pinch of Rock. Together you get a sound that will drive you out of your seat and on your feet.