Benjamin Davis Group - Message For You (EP) MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 18:41
Size: 43.3 MB
Label: (Self released)
Styles: Modern electric blues, Southern rock
Year: 2010
Art: Front

[5:24] 1. Message For You
[4:59] 2. Mad Woman
[4:09] 3. Louisiana Swamp Momma
[4:07] 4. Stand Up

Comprised of musicians featured on KET Jubilee Summertime series, and Music Central TV hosted by Paul Taylor, we present The Benjamin Davis Group. Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, is a four piece arrangement with old school soul powered by old school tones, inspired by power blues, rock, and funk of the past, only The Benjamin Davis Group can deliver mojo like this.

Ben DeJarnette, Phil Longo, Mike Hutchens, Low Hale

Message For You