Dave Constantino Band - Bump In The Road MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 36:51
Size: 84.4 MB
Label: Limelite Records
Styles: Blues rock
Year: 2007
Art: Front

[4:15] 1. Bump In The Road
[3:35] 2. Nobody's Cryin'
[3:53] 3. Fit To Be Tied
[4:04] 4. Missing You
[4:42] 5. Mystery Man
[3:20] 6. Gave You Back
[4:19] 7. Pain In My Heart
[3:54] 8. Where You Hidin'
[4:44] 9. Manic Depression

Dave Constantino has tasteful & polished blues rock style that has made him a legendary Western New York and National guitarist and singer. In the mid sixties he founded The Tweeds and wrote the 1967 regional hit " A Thing Of The Past". In the early seventies he joined forces with drummer, Paul Varga and bassist, Billy Sheehan to form the powerhouse trio, Talas. Talas became a Western New York success story and gained international recognition with classics like Dave's song " See Saw" . Their popularity extended into the 1990's when they played reunion concerts to sold out shows, which led to a live CD release and international concerts. Dave has established himself as a regional icon with bands like Shyboy and most recently, The Dave Constantino Band with Ted and Tom Reinhardt. The Reinhardts are legends in their own right and perfectly compliment Dave's bluesy rock style, to create a dynamic and powerful performance.

Bump In The Road