\'Sir\' Oliver Mally - 2 albums: Fleeting Moments / Ol\' Dogs, Nu Yard MP3/Flac

Album: Fleeting Moments
Size: 112,1 MB
Time: 48:48
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2011
Styles: Comtemporary Blues, Electric Blues
Label: Office4music.com
Art: Front

01. Here I Am (4:19)
02. Fleeting Moments (6:45)
03. Heading For A Fall (5:34)
04. Sleepwalking (5:20)
05. You And I (5:55)
06. Everything's Alright (4:40)
07. Stumble And Fall (4:20)
08. Life Is Precious (6:38)
09. Smells Like Teen Spirit (5:14)

'Sir' Oliver Mally - guitar, vocals
Walter 'Shakey' Kreinz - bass, vocals
Willy Hackl - drums
Martin Gasselsberger - piano, keys, vocals

The „Blues Distillery“ can be easily called Austrias “leading band” when it comes to playin’ “Contemporary Blues“. From Texas Blues to Chicago Blues, from Westcoast Blues to “straight-from-the-heart” songs, it’s all in there.

Most of the songs are originals and show a lot of variety and a unique approach. They enrich their program with covers of Steve Earle, Tommy Castro, Muddy Waters … only to name a few. And they don’t try to copy but to interpret with deep respect for the originals.

It’s not easy to lock the band in because the “Distillery” likes to mix up the Blues with a lot of different styles. A “high-energetic” cocktail is guaranteed to be served! … by a band that takes no prisoners. ~WASHINGTON BLUES SOCIETY


Album: Ol' Dogs, Nu Yard
Size: 109,2 MB
Time: 47:43
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2009
Styles: Contemporary Blues, Acoustic Blues
Label: Office4music.com
Art: Front

01. Butterfly Girl (3:28)
02. Leave Your Light On (5:36)
03. Dreamer's Lullaby (3:54)
04. Love Is A Devil (5:53)
05. Lover's Waltz (3:41)
06. So It Goes (2nd Turn) (7:05)
07. Perfect Day (3:28)
08. Ain't No Bad Boy (3:06)
09. Bluebird (4:45)
10. Same Old Story/same Old Song (6:43)

It’s not often you get the chance to listen to such a breathtaking and meaningful album and when you find out it comes from Austria, you’re even more amazed. Sir Oliver Mally is sadly still virtually unknown in the UK. Surely, this latest release, “Ol’Dogs, Nu Yard”, must bring us this exceptionally talented and charismatic artist to perform here more often.
This album is the result of a close partnership between the gifted guitar player and singer that is Sir Oliver and the brilliant string musician and arranger, Martin Moro.
Each of the ten tracks, nine compos and one cover, are little gems shining so bright they make you feel you can be happy again, in love again and sometimes a little sad. From the opening track, ‘Butterfly Girl’, you’re under the spell, charmed by its many musical colours and timeless power of the lyrics. ‘Dreamer’s Lullaby’ and ‘Love Is A Devil’ take you on these long, beautifully bluesy journeys you never want to leave.
The exceptional version of Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’ showcases Sir Oliver’s haunting voice: simply perfect. There’s so much emotion and poetry in the final track, ‘Same Old Story/Same Old Song’, you can’t help but feel your heart break. ~Nat Harrap, Blues Matters!