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Los Lobos - Live At The Fillmore (2005) DVD9
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Genre: Country, Los Lobos - Live At The Fillmore (2005) DVD9Los Lobos - Live At The Fillmore (2005) DVD9Los Lobos - Live At The Fillmore (2005) DVD9Latin Music, Alternative/Indie Rock, Music Video | Label: Warner Music Vision

Los Lobos are often referred to as one of music's best kept secrets. Although garnering

significant critical acclaim, decent album sales, and a devoted fan base who turn out in droves for

every tour, the band never really reached the superstar status of some of the artists, like Stevie Ray

Vaughan and Melissa Etheridge, who have opened for them in the past. This might be due to the fact

that the band's music is so damn eclectic and hard to categorize. It draws equally from rock, Tex-

Mex, country, R&B, blues, and traditional Mexican folk influences. As I watched this performance I

was reminded of Santana, Cream, ZZ-Top, and The Allman Brothers all within the span of about

four songs. This DVD commemorates Los Lobos' thirty year anniversary as a band, and twenty

years since the release of their first full length album How Will The Wolf Survive. I confess that I am

not much of a Los Lobos expert. I've never seen them live, and the only album of theirs that I own is

Kiko. As true Los Lobos fans know, Kiko is considered by many to be the band's finest hour, but it

was certainly a drastic change in personality from the band's previous albums. That is one of the best

things about this band, you just never know what you are going to get with each album and

performance, as this DVD aptly demonstrates.

Live At the Fillmore was recorded on July 29th and 30th, 2004 at the legendary Fillmore Auditorium

in San Francisco. Twenty-one song performances are included which span the band's entire career,

but longtime fans might be a little disappointed that half of these songs were taken from their two

most recent albums, 2002's Good Morning Aztlan, and last year's The Ride, with only one song

coming from their great debut album. Lucky for us, those two albums contain some of Los Lobos'

strongest material in over a decade.

Not being quite sure what to expect when I first popped this disc in, the first couple of songs

immediately made me sit up and take notice. Aztlan's "The Big Ranch" is a straightforward rocker

that had me breaking out my trusty air guitar right away, but by the end of the ripping "I Walk Alone",

from 1990's The Neighborhood, I though I was listening to a Cream reunion concert. David Hidalgo

coaxes a monster tone out of his guitar when the need arises, and then humbly holds down the

rhythm when the spotlight turns to his bandmates. He made a big fan out of me this night.

They briefly got back to their roots on the third song, "Maria Christina", a Mexican-folk number,

sung in Spanish by Cesar Rosas, and featuring the accordion playing of David Hidalgo. "Done Gone

Blue" a rollicking Tex-Mex blues song, was followed by the first song from the new The Ride album,

the gritty "Charmed", which would have fit quite comfortably on any 70's-era ZZ-Top album.

Performance highlights included a guest appearance by David Hidalgo's son, Vincent, who handles

the lead guitar chores on the rockin' "Viking". He had the most ultra-distorted fuzz tone I have ever

heard on a guitar, which gives the song its unique charm. Next up was the Kiko boogie-rock opus,

"That Train Don't Stop Here", which reminded me of jammin' to some Pat Travers or Gov't Mule.

They closed the show with a ferocious encore of "Mas y Mas" that featured the incredible Robert

Randolph on pedal steel guitar. If you haven't witnessed this young bluesman's pedal steel work yet,

DO IT! I had always heard about him, but never actually saw him jam until I got the Crossroads

Guitar Festival DVD. His performance alongside the brilliant guitar trio of Hidalgo, Rosas, and Perez

was nothing short of breathtaking. One of the guitar-highlights of the year for me.

The superb production quality of this DVD lived up to the band's terrific performance. Both the

PCM stereo and Dolby Digital tracks sounded crisp, provided excellent instrument separation, and

delivered plenty of thumping bass to my subwoofer. The widescreen video looked clear and sharp,

and had no significant flaws. The camera work was outstanding overall. The only extra feature

included was a twelve-minute behind the scenes documentary referred to as "Imported From

E.L.A.", which included interviews with some of the band members and crew, as well as backstage

footage from before and after the show.

This DVD is a no-brainer for any fan of authentic guitar-driven rock and roll. Los Lobos certainly

surprised me with the diversity of their music, and the power of their live performance. After the

excellent Los Lonely Boys DVD came out last year (hey, are they related?), many people commented

that people should check out the real deal, Los Lobos, instead. After this performance, I can see

what they mean - but I still love them Lonely Boys.

Artists: Los Lobos
- Cesar Rosas: Guitar, Vocals
- David Hidalgo: Guitar, Vocals, Violin, Percussions
- Louie Perez: Guitar, Vocals, Drums
- Conrad Lozano: Bass, Vocals
- Steve Berlin: Sax, Keyboards
- Ruben Estrada (guest): Drums, Percussions
- Victor Bisetti (guest): Drums, Percussions
- Vincent Hidalgo (guest): Guitar
- Robert Randolph (guest): Pedal Steel

01. The Big Ranch
02. I Walk Alone
03. Maria Christina
04. Done Gone Blue
05. Charmed
06. Luz De Mi Vida
07. Rita
08. Maricela
09. Chains of Love
10. Hurry Tomorrow
11. Tears of Gold
12. Viking
13. That Train Don't Stop Here
14. Kiko and the Lavender Moon
15. How Much Can I Do
16. Mexico Americano
17. I Got Loaded
18. Good Morning Aztlan
19. Cumbia Raza
20. Shakin' Shakin' Shakes
21. Mas y Mas

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