J. Monque\'D Blues Band - Chitlin\' Eatin\' Music MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 54:47
Size: 125.4 MB
Label: Real To Reel
Styles: Louisiana blues, Cajun
Year: 2000
Art: Front

[4:23] 1. Chitlin' Eatin' Music
[3:40] 2. Gotta Lotta Blues
[4:53] 3. Going To Tabby's
[1:11] 4. Little Bitty Ditty
[4:13] 5. La Belle Louisianne
[5:08] 6. Black Night
[3:19] 7. Ciao Leonardo
[1:53] 8. My Home Is A Prison
[4:09] 9. Whiz Bang
[1:19] 10. Mule And A Fool
[2:05] 11. Mama, Please Come Home
[3:26] 12. Trieste Jockey Blues
[1:37] 13. Multiple Blues
[2:35] 14. Rough And Rocky Road
[5:30] 15. Canary On My Shoulder
[5:18] 16. Laid My Burden Down

J. Monque'D has been entertaining audiences in New Orleans since the 60's. He's perfected good time Blues into an epic artform: solid musicianship, and a flair for making those who listen to him feel good. It's no wonder that he was inducted into the the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 1999.

This recording is another great example of why he is so beloved by his fans. The music is tight and like the Cajun / Creole culture that he comes from, it is a fine mixture of a little Blues, a little Jazz and a heapin' helpin' of New Orleans spice thrown in for good measure. J. Monque'D is a singer of the first caliber and his harmonica playing is some of the best to come from the crescent city. ~peter krampert

Chitlin' Eatin' Music