Big Gilson & The Wolf - 2 albums: Bring It Back Home / Chrysalis MP3/Flac

Album: Bring It Back Home
Size: 98,3 MB
Time: 42:29
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2006
Styles: Modern Electric Blues
Label: Big Gilson
Art: Front

01. What's Wrong With That (3:42)
02. Bring It Back Home (5:27)
03. Hint Of A Smile (4:05)
04. Ramshackle Town (4:39)
05. Mine All Mine (3:45)
06. Hoochie Coochie Man (4:40)
07. Slidin' Around (0:57)
08. Praise The Lord (4:04)
09. Black Haired Lady (5:04)
10. Lulu Boogie (2:37)
11. I'm Tore Down (3:24)

Rio Dynamite:
Octavio Rocha – guitar (Blues Etílicos)
Ugo Perrota - Bass (ex-Big Allanbik)
Beto Werther – Drums (ex-Big Allanbik)

Big Gilson: bears the distinction of being acclaimed by such greats as B.B. King and Buddy Guy. He has appeared at Buddy Guy’s famous Legends, The Blue Note – New York and many other top venues. Called the king of the slide guitar – this is truly justified – but this should not be allowed to detract from his superb mastery of all forms of guitar playing – the guy is a genius! Strangely enough he does not hail from Memphis or Chicago but from Rio de Janeiro – he really is bringing the blues back home

The Wolf: his emotive passionate and powerful vocals combine with an amazing stage presence. This has brought about a cult following and the media and radio presenters in the USA and other countries throughout the world have praised his work.
His vocals mirror life’s experiences – making him one of the best contemporary songwriters in his genre. Wolf hails not from the deep south of the USA but from the deep south of the UK!


Album: Chrysalis
Size: 107,7 MB
Time: 46:38
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2006
Styles: Blues Country
Label: Music Solutions
Art: Front

01. Big Mama's House (4:30)
02. Chrysalis (4:21)
03. Country Girl (3:51)
04. Ride The Rocket (3:25)
05. Tighter Bites The Chains (4:11)
06. Hey Good Buddy (4:40)
07. Big Boss Mama (2:28)
08. Lulu Boogie (2:39)
09. Rio Baby (5:27)
10. It Can't Go On (5:03)
11. What's Wrong With That (3:44)
12. Slidin' Around (2:12)

BIG GILSON, “the reference of the Brazilian blues guitar since the 90’s” (Guitar Player Magazine Brazil, October 2006) just put out he’s new release CHRYSALIS,

Acclaimed internationally by press and fans all over the world, Gilson is backed up with he’s long time line up, the RIO DNAMITE band with hundreds of shows together, and joined forces with the old time British blues shouter THE WOLF to work together on this new release.

Introduced to each other from a DJ from Argentina, in a matter of weeks, after an exchange of works, the two big men decided to work together, produce an album and of course tour together. The first visit, with many venues asking for the act to come back, a sure sign that the collaboration of these two performers has produced something that truly is sensational.

Twelve fresh new material. Not just new songs, but new music that he treats as NEO COUNTRY. A crossfade of blues, country, bluegrass and Southern Rock to create this new atmosphere.

Unfortunately after their last US tour, mid 2005 Gilson’s very good buddy Wolf, passed away as soon as he got back home.

This fact made the CD even more special and remarkable on Big’s career and post homage to this British blues icon, the Wolf.