Cerberus Shoal - Crash My Moon Yacht [FLAC] MP3/Flac

The fifth album by progressive rock minimalists Cerberus Shoal is an interesting mix of polyrhythms and Eastern instrumentation, employing over 30 instruments in the process. Alternately soothing and abrasive, a sinister rip chord seems to lie submerged in tracks like the gamelan-inspired tinkling of "Changabang I" and the eerie streaking horns of "Elle Besh," covering a lot of ground sonically and texturally, quietly blurring into one another in the process. After four minutes of atmospheric drones and fading heartbeats, "Breathing Machines" explodes into a hail of dissonant guitar and hand drums, making for one of the album's more intense moments. While the tracks are generally not expansive, the smooth jazzy quality of "Yes Sir, No Sir" and the simple acoustic textures of "Asphodel" more than fill the spaces allowed them. All in all, a highly compelling example of sophisticated experimentation.

Breathing Machines