Cerberus Shoal - The Land We All Believe In [FLAC] MP3/Flac

Somewhere on this disc there's a hit record. It was produced by the same guy who does the Animal Collective, if that gives you a reference point, and the similarities between the bands are few but important: Cerberus Shoal, like the AC, makes a special place for percussion and strives to look for new sounds. Unlike the Animal Collective, they tend toward now-ancient prog-rock epic songs-- hence my first comment: somewhere among these ten to twenty minute pieces, each with several movements, you could pick out several fantastic movements, stretching in style from later Tom Waits to late 60's psychedelic folk (Fairpoint Convention or Incredible String Band). My major complaint is that they combine all these styles into long pieces, ala 70's prog-rock, which seems a little bit cheesy in this day and age. Combined with the 'Satan-voice' interludes, it can reach the fringe of embarassing the listener. It's not hard to picture them on stage, dancing around a miniture stone-henge :) Despite them maybe taking things a little seriously (serious is passe, right? Unless you're Pink Floyd or Radiohead, which they're not) it's certainly interesting what these guys and girl(s) are doing and their style is really good if you're in a darker sort of mood. I'm reminded very much of unpolished Frog Eyes or Wilderness, but not as compact. They need to lose the epic songs or at least turn them into a cohesive album instead of releasing a series of songs that in themselves have a beginning, middle and end. It's like listening to a bunch of EP's in succession. But who's to say they're trying to please ME? What they're doing is really good, original, heavy stuff. I like it for the most part, but I'll recommend it on a dare.

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