DJ Shadow - In Time and On Tune Live (FLAC) MP3/Flac

This is the best of DJ Shadow.

Alright, Shadow may be a bit of an acquired taste, but this set is essential to anyone even remotely interested in hip-hop, breaks, basslines, or beats. In Tune and On Time is basically Dj Shadow's resume, because it includes the gist of most of his best material. 90% of the tracks are only 2-3 minutes in length, some of which are condensed from 10-14 minutes, originally. So, any repetition or slowness in the music is streamlined and eliminated. Not only that, but Shadow has mixed and matched to create a performance-in 5 acts-that maintains a flow so constant that it all feels like one, 2 hour track.
For those of you who own most of Shadow's material and are wondering if it is worth it, let me guarantee you that In Tune and On Time is like a whole 'nother album. Josh has taken the opportunity to add and subtract from ALL the material included in this set, injecting brand new samples and innovations so subtly and completely that they become new pieces altogether, the highlights of which are acts two, four, and five, which include versions of Blood on the Motorway and Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain that shatter all his previous productions. In Tune and On Time is a masterpiece because it rewards even more on repeated listens, where you can pick apart the layers and grow a whole new respect for the music. If you want to hear Dj Shadow at his best, this is all you need.

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