Small Faces Rarities MP3/Flac

Small Faces Rarities
I'm not sure where I got these from, but owing to the lack of info online I'd guess it's not an official release, but I have had them for about 5 years so now's as good a time as any to share them. Some superb cuts from one of THE best bands ever, The Small Faces.

01 Donkey Rides (Added Guitar & Brass)
02 If You Think You're Groovy (Alternate Take)
03 Red Ballon (Alternate Take With Added Guitars)
04 Hungry Intruder (Alternate Take)
05 Here Comes The Nice (Acetate Mix)
06 Untitled Track (Olympic Studio Outtake With Studio Chatter)
07 Every Little Bit Hurts (Alternate Studio Take)
08 Song Of A Baker (Take From NMC Tape)
09 Show Me The Way (Alternate Take)
10 Donkey Rides A Penny Glass (Alternate Mix With Brass Overdubs)
11 Happiness Stan (Alternate Instrumental)
12 Call It Something Nice (Alternate Take With Count In)
13 Ogden's Nute Gone Flake (Alternate Mix With Added Strings)
14 Wham Bam Thank You Mam (Guide Vocal Mix)
15 Rollin' Over (Olympic Studio Outtake)
16 If You Think You're Groovy (Backing Track)
17 Green Circles (Italian Version With Chatter & Count In)
18 Autumn Stone (Alternate Take With Count In)
19 Talk To You (Extended Mix With Studio Chatter)

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