Golden Saxphone Vol2 [192kbps] MP3/Flac

Golden Saxphone Vol2
Sorry, I couldn't find any info about this on the net!
And I don't have the covers..

Info from what I remember about that CD:
This is a (Chinese\Japanese?) Saxophone CD called: Golden Saxphone Vol2
It's really nice.. And It actually sounds like a Chinese version of Kenny G smile

It contain the following Tracks:
Golden Saxphone Vol2 [192kbps]

I renamed the files into Track01, Track02..etc, so you won't have problems about
the language while you try to play the music on your PC

Try to check the Sample:
Link: ( 4.5MB *Direct Free Link* Track11.mp3 *192kbps*)

Link: ( 96MB *192kbps*)