Slaughterhouse 5 - Wide Open (1993, IRS) MP3/Flac

Where was this album back in the early '90s when I couldn't get my fill of the Senseless Things and Ned's?  Sure, I had heard of Slaughterhouse 5 in passing at the time, but an obvious opportunity to investigate them failed to present itself, and I didn't give them a second thought until I spotted a very affordable used copy of Wide Open at a local flea market.  Dare I say this thick-accented UK quartet shambolically slotted in as that missing link between the Buzzcocks and Supergrass (then again, some might argue that gap wasn't particularly expansive from the get go).  There's a uniquely jovial flair emanating throughout Wide Open that sets the S/5 apart from the crowded flock of UK punk-pop outfits that were trying to make a dent in the Britpop sweepstakes.  A familiar approach, but with a flavor moxie all their own.  I shan't give anything else away about this disk, but I should mention that the band is selling Wide Open on their website (though the purchase link isn't operational at the moment).  That being the case I plan to leave this once it's available for purchase!  If the Rapidshare link is gone by the time your eyes wander over this, you know what to do - show your love and support the band!

01. This is Not Love
02. Inconvenience
03. Right Next to Her
04. Don't Go All Funny On Me
05. If You Don't Love Me
06. Sometimes So Close
07. If She Leaves Me Again
08. Things She Did
09. Pathetic Girlfriend
10. Only to Have You
11. You're Not So Beautiful
12. Don't You Know?
13. The Stupid Ones
14. No More Mr. Nice Guy