Cozy Eggleston - Grand Slam Wham 196? (Co-Egg Records) MP3/Flac

Label : Co-Egg Records

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Sealed And Pristine 1967 Stereo Private Pressing Original. One Of The All-Time Killers! Chicago Tenor Legend Cozy Eggleston Cut This Self-Produced Album During The Late 60s And It's One Of The Hardest And Heaviest Sets Of Organ/Tenor Jams On The Planet Played By A Power Trio The Likes Of Which Will Remind You Of The Sugarman Three. Karl Johnson Plays Organ While Ken Sampson Comes On Strong With Amazing Scatter-Shot Lines On Drums. Cozy's Also Playing With The Production Of The Record During The Set Which Features Some Cool Echoey Parts That Come In And Out On Some Cuts. Killer stuff!

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Cozy Eggleston - Jokers Wild

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By Electric Looser