Re up -Serge Gainsbourg - Les Annees Psychedeliques 1966-1971 2009 (Le Smoke Disque) MP3/Flac

Label: Le Smoke Disque 2xLp

Value : From 40 to 70 euros

Seems like this one went in & out of print in a flash. It's a strictly limited edition double vinyl set of Portugese origin (c/o cool as fuck boutique label, Le Smoke Disques) that cherrypicks the seriously groovy Gaelic freakfunk of the mighty Serge's druggy late 60s heydey (his most creative period as far as I'm concerned, though I don't pretend to be an authority).

A suave 'n' sultry combo of timeless old favourites, super-scarce b-sides, quality unreleased session tracks & a handful of "bonus beat" workouts, it's all been faithfully remastered & sounds fantastique. Highlights include excerpts from the Canabis, Mr Freedom, Manon 70 & La Pacha soundtracks, with tons of driving proto-Can rhythms & acid-head orchestrations c/o Michel Colombier & Jean-Claude Vannier (L'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches) - the original catalogue # (LSD-005) is simply the icing on the cake! Clued-in 6Ts shufflers will get a fair bit of mileage out of "Psychotenie" & "No No Yes Yes"'s infectious boogaloo no doubt, whilst fans of Air (who've regularly paid homage to Serge in the past & recorded this LP with his daughter) will find "Danger" & "L'Alonette" of particular interest.
I've still not decided whether "Requiem Pour Un Cont" is my favourite song ever or not (yes, another "favourite song ever"!) but I definitely won't be disappointed if it's playing in the crematorium when my coffin's gliding solemnly towards the furnace...

P.s Τα κομματια από 45 περιεχοντε στο διπλό LP. Το Confidentiel ειναι εδω.

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Taste :

Serge Gainsbourg - La Horse

Serge Gainsbourg - En Melody

Serge Gainsbourg - No No Yes Yes

Serge Gainsbourg - Boomerang

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