Franco De Vita - En Primera Fila (2011) [DVD5] MP3/Flac

Franco De Vita - En Primera Fila (2011) [DVD5]

Franco De Vita - En Primera Fila (2011) [DVD5]

In Front Row
Franco de Vita in the first row, the latest album from Spanish pop star Franco de Vita, reached this

week at # 1 in sales in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, beating Mana and Enrique Iglesias.
The DVD "Franco de Vita in First Row" was recorded live and released on 31 May. This production

includes classic Venezuelan singer, two unreleased tracks and duets with Debi Nova Santiago Cruz,

Alejandra Guzman, Leonel Garcia & Noel Schajris (ex Sin Bandera), Soledad and Gilberto Santa

"Franco de Vita in First Row" is the fourth show in the hit series "Front Row" from Sony Music,

whose concept is to highlight live performances of the greatest artists in Latin music in front of a

select and intimate.

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1. Where Is The Love
2. Louis
3. Out Of This World
4. If You Say Goodbye
5. If You're Not
6. Do not hurt me
7. Warm and cold
8. Your that you are going
9. Tan Solo T