The Eric Street Band - 2 albums: Company Man / The Journey MP3/Flac

The name of the band comes from a street in East London. Dennis was up in London in a traffic jam on the Mile End Road when he looked up and saw a sign saying Eric Street.That was it, the name of the band.
Dennis met Neil when The Southside Blues Band went in to No Machine Studios to record some demos. Dennis asked Neil if he would help him produce a song as a tribute to a man who had helped the band.
The association didn't stop at one song and with three albums under his belt and spending most of his time in the studio, Dennis thought it best to disband The Southside Blues Band.
With similar musical tastes, Dennis and Neil decided to get some like-minded musicians together to play some of their favourite blues songs.

Album: Company Man
Size: 102,1 MB
Time: 44:35
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2011
Styles: British Blues, Modern Electric Blues. Blues Rock
Label: Southside Music U.K.
Art: Front

01. Company Man (4:43)
02. Monday Morning (4:52)
03. Don't Turn Your Back On Me (6:50)
04. What Can I Do (5:51)
05. Do I Really Exist (6:49)
06. If You Were Living My Life (4:40)
07. I'm On My Way Back (6:00)
08. Watch The Dawn (Song For Diana) (4:47)

This tells the story of a man who strived and succeeded to increase the company profits.
In so doing spent all his time working to detriment of his partner.
As a result of never being at home, is partner had an affair behind is back.
The news of this sends him on a downward spiral.
This affected his sales, the company had no sympathy and made is life hell.
Despite all is loyalty and promises made, the management had no sympathy, and called in one afternoon told him to pack up is desk and leave.
Having no job he now has to plead with his partner to stick with him, but she chooses to walk away.
He now has to question is sanity, and the crazy dreams he is having,
How can he continue living this way?
His life is now confined to staying at home, the same mundane life feeling sorry for my self Waiting for that call that never comes.
One day he realise that all is not lost, is mind is now set he tells himself yes I am on my way back.
Stepping out outside it'ss the start of new day all is peaceful and calm, you don't need money what you see and it's all for free.
Every song tells this story, Company man is not about my life but it could be yours?
This I believe is the first time that a concept album has been compiled in blues format.

This is the blues this is life living in today's world; this is the fifth album from the Eric Street Band.


Album: The Journey
Size: 113,9 MB
Time: 48:57
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2009
Styles: British Blues, Modern Electric Blues. Blues Rock
Label: Southside Music U.K.
Art: Front

01. Can't Get You Out My Head (3:43)
02. Leaving (4:42)
03. Mr. Blue (5:23)
04. Cardboard City (4:32)
05. What's Going On Within (5:22)
06. The Journey (4:20)
07. Sunday Morning (5:17)
08. The Talley Man (4:39)
09. Hey Suzie (3:37)
10. Come Dance With Me (3:14)
11. Politicians Lament (4:03)

The Third album by the band, Following Eric Street live taken from the bands 1st Gig and the 1st studio album The Route to The Blues. This Album has a very different approach.
The album songs are all self penned, written about life experiences. The instruments used are resonator, acoustic and classical guitars and a ukulele. The drums were played using mainly brushes and the bass was electric with one track fretless.
We wanted this to sound like an authentic blues album but we also tried some experiments. It paid off and we are really pleased with the results.
The title track the Journey was written about the way bands from the UK such as Cream, Led Zeppelin and the Animals took the blues back across the pond, playing to white Americans.
The Politicians Lament is about the way our politicians have been on the take for many years and just got found out.The track, Cardboard City is about people sleeping rough on the streets in London and all of our major cities.

We hope that you get as much enjoyment out of listening to this album as we did making it.