Layla Zoe - Sleep Little Girl MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 48:13
Size: 110.4 MB
Label: Cable Car Records
Styles: Blues rock, Modern electric blues
Year: 2011
Art: Front

[2:33] 1. I've been down
[4:18] 2. Give It To Me
[3:37] 3. Singing My Blues
[4:29] 4. Let's Get Crazy
[9:21] 5. Black Oil
[3:44] 6. Pull Yourself Together
[3:35] 7. I Hope She Loves You Like I Do
[6:21] 8. Hippie Chick
[6:28] 9. Rock And Roll Guitar Man
[3:42] 10. Sleep Little Girl

Zoe wrote all the lyrics on the new album and said it really showcases where she’s at in her life. It is her first time with the German record label, Cable Car Records, which she said allowed her free reign to be artistic and creative on the project.

“I can say with the new album I am the proudest I have ever been with the music. I wrote all the songs and the music is great. I feel like I have done a 360 and have come around full circle.” She said she loves all the songs on the album but Sleep Little Girl is one of her favourites.

“It seemed to make sense because I am always travelling and busy and my mind is always going. I am a Gemini woman and sometimes the little girl in me just needs to go to sleep,” she said. “The woman who is out there rocking and trying to do business just gets exhausted, so it makes sense.”

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