Oreo Blue - 2 albums: Earned the Right / Live By Demand (2-CD set) MP3/Flac

Album: Earned the Right
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 39:20
Size: 90.1 MB
Label: (Self released)
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 1995
Art: Front

[3:47] 1. Earned the Right
[3:01] 2. Look at Me
[3:58] 3. Dyin' by Degrees
[4:37] 4. My Groove
[3:47] 5. Lied to Me for the Last Time
[5:33] 6. Tell Me What You Need
[3:00] 7. I'm Alright
[3:09] 8. Don't Want to be Lonely
[4:31] 9. She Exudes the Blues
[3:52] 10. Different Shades of Blue

Oreo Blue is a high-energy progressive R&B band with talented seasoned musicians who share a passion to entertain. Oreo has developed a unique style of funky-rockin-blues. They perform their kind of music with a driving vengeance that exhilarates their audience. Oreo Blue is composed of Brian Crowne (sax and vocals), Chris Payton (vocals), Gary Hutchinson (guitar and vocals), Rod Williamson (bass) and Mike Lovelady (drums). Their list of references is long and they play to packed houses in Fayetteville and many sites in a 4-state area. ~Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Earned the Right

Album: Live by Demand (disc 1)
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 67:19
Size: 154.1 MB
Label: (Self released)
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 1997
Art: Front

[3:51] 1. Shake it Loose
[5:23] 2. Speak of the Devil
[5:24] 3. Long Gone
[3:01] 4. Big Mistake
[3:00] 5. Hot Saturday Night
[3:35] 6. Reposess My Heart
[5:22] 7. Down the Road
[8:04] 8. Minor Blues for a Major Person
[4:07] 9. Nobody Like My Baby
[3:31] 10. What You Think About Me
[3:44] 11. Rock and Roll All Night
[4:36] 12. Milagro
[4:13] 13. Year of Pain
[9:23] 14. Too Much Conversation

Live by Demand (disc 1)

Album: Live by Demand (disc 2)
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 49:16
Size: 112.8 MB
Label: (Self released)
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 1997
Art: Front

[ 4:30] 1. Bobby McGee
[10:42] 2. Knockin on Heavens Door
[12:05] 3. I'm Alright (extended mix)
[10:23] 4. Rock Me Baby
[11:34] 5. Watchtower

This is a Double Disc set of Bluesy rock, live in your face double disc dose of kick ass music with great production quality.

Recorded Live April, 26 & 27, 1996 at Rooster's Blues Club in Ft. Smith, Arkansas

Brian Crowne--Sax, Guitar, Vocals; Rod Williamson--Fender Bass; Gary Hutchison--Guitars, Vocals; Chris Payton--Vocals; Don Orell--Drums. Guest Musicians: Billy Rigsby, vocals - "What you think about me" , Mike Lovelady, drums "Too Much Conversation".

Live by Demand (disc 2)