Ruby Harris - Almost Home MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 56:32
Size: 129.4 MB
Label: Broken Glass
Styles: Electric violin blues, Chicago blues
Year: 2002
Art: Front

[4:27] 1. I'm Gonna Leave
[3:57] 2. 9 Days
[4:24] 3. Double Standard
[2:22] 4. Almost Home
[3:32] 5. Pour That Water
[6:58] 6. Broken Glass Blues
[4:02] 7. Thank You
[4:19] 8. You Can't Spend
[5:12] 9. You Can't Catch Me
[3:58] 10. Midnight Blues
[4:11] 11. You've Got to Watch Yourself
[2:25] 12. Hard Headed Woman
[6:38] 13. Jimi With Strings

Harris is far more authentic than, say, the Blues Brothers, but closer to the easy-going B.B. King and Buddy Guy than scorched-earth performers like Howlin’Wolf or big Mama Thornton. His voice is quite expressive and reminiscent of Jerry Garcia’s or Levon Helm’s. The fact that Harris doesn’t simply coast on his novelty, but always reaches for a higher degree of playing, is a testament to his musicianship and his dedication to the blues. If the violin is to be reintroduced as a serious blues instrument, Harris makes a persuasive ambassador, and “Almost Home” an irrefutable piece of diplomacy. ~Paul Wieder

Almost Home