Duke ROBILLARD - Explorer MP3/Flac

Styles: Modern Electric Blues
Recorded: 2000
Released: 2000
Label: Shanachie
File: mp3 @ 320kbps
Size: 124.76 MB
Time: 53:57
Art: Full

1. Male Magnet - 4:32
2. Just Between Me And You - 4:40
3. Soulful - 4:46
4. Hang On - 3:51
5. You Mean Everything To Me - 4:59
6. Sayin' Don't Make It So - 3:07
7. Jumpin' With Duke - 3:49
8. Misunderstanding Blues - 4:42
9. You Dropped The Thing On Me - 4:27
10. Lonesome Old Town - 4:17
11. Brand New Fool - 3:37
12. Time Is Short - 6:58

Personnel: Duke ROBILLARD - Guitars, Vocals
Sax Gordon Beadle - Tenor Saxophone
Doug James - Baritone & Tenor Saxophones
John Packer - Bass; Jeff McAllister - Drums
Tom West - Organ, Piano
Jerry Portnoy - Harmonica
Mark Davis - Fiddle, Mandocello
Marilynn Mair - Mandolin, Accordion

Notes: Whenever Duke Robillard releases a new album the first thought that comes to mind is usually, "What's he going to do this time around?" The answer to that is simple. Everything! Hot on the heels of his excellent release, "Conversations In Swing Guitar", with Herb Ellis, "Explorer" (Shanachie) is the aptly titled release from one of the most versatile guitar players on the scene these days. 8 of the twelve tunes are original pieces, with Robillard sharing writing credits on most of those. With his usual clean guitar licks and ' twinkle in the eye' vocals, Duke doesn't stick to any one particular motif on this album, choosing instead to include a smattering of different styles. Explorer kicks off with "Male Magnet" and "Just Between Me And You," two numbers featuring a Memphis style dual sax attack from the very funky horns of Doug James and Sax Gordon Beadle. The Cajun flavored "Sayin' Don't Make It So" has some superior acoustic guitar runs, joining forces with the crying harp of Jerry Portnoy for a down home sorta feel, while "Jumpin' With Duke," along with "Brand New Fool," offer the type of swinging shuffles reminiscent to his days as a co-founder of Roomful Of Blues, a band that dared to be different, as has Robillard throughout his recording career. A Jerry Portnoy composition, "Time Is Short," closes this eclectic CD with the bluesiest number of the collection, reflecting on the inevitable quick passage of time and how it affects one's outlook on the world. What is so very interesting about Duke is his consistent ability to make every release he puts out sound new and different without abandoning his deep roots in the blues. "Explorer" is a very satisfying release from an artist that gives 100% percent every time he records. ~~ by Steve Hinrichsen.

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