Suitably blasted and introverted one man bedroom freak folk wander and stereo-panned string fumble from this one time member of Vermonster. Life Less Lost emerged in tandem with the first wave of artists flying a flag for a lo-fi and rawly immediate post-Incredible String Band aesthetic; in the process, ploughing a furrow that was being simultaneously worked at the time by folks like Six Organs Of Admittance and The Tower Recordings, both of whom the work Joshua Burkett's tunes bears traces of, albeit with enthusiasm sometimes trumping finesse.

Note: I've just been informed by the nice folks at Spirit Of Orr that this CD is in fact still in print and available from them (as is Joshua Burkett's Owlsleavesrustling LP), but they've generously allowed for the download link below to remain posted. Please check this great record out and then considering heading over to Spirit Of Orr here and picking up an original of this for yourselves.

Get it via Megaupload Here