Augustus Pablo - The Red Sea MP3/Flac

Black Solidarity CD, 1998

Record date: 1970-73

 1) The Red Sea
 2) Iggy Iggy
 3) East Of The River Nile
 4) Soul Vibration
 5) Song Of The East
 6) Uganda
 7) Youth Man
 8) Invasion
 9) I Man
10) African Rock
11) African Zulu [-]
12) 405 [-]
13) Reggae In The Fields [-]
14) Darker Shade Of Red [-]

Bass: Aston "Family Man" Barrett & Val Douglas
DJ vocals: Herman Chin Loy
Drums: Carlton "Santa" Davis & Mikey Richards
Guitar: Alva Lewis, Ranny Williams & Mikey Chung
Keyboards: Augustus Pablo, Glen Adams, Lloyd Charmers & Geoffrey Chung
Melodica: Augustus Pablo
Percussions: Uziah "Sticky" Thompson
Trumpet: Bobby Ellis
Trombone: Vincent "Don D Junior" Gordon
Saxophone: Tommy McCook

Produced by: Herman Chin Loy
Recorded at: Aquarius & Randy's