Metallica - Garage Inc. (1998) MP3/Flac

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01 Free Speech For The Dumb
02 It's Electric
03 Sabra Cadabra
04 Turn The Page
05 Die, Die My Darling
06 Loverman
07 Mercyful Fate
08 Astronomy
09 Whiskey In The Jar
10 Tuesday's Gone
11 The More I See

01 Helpless
02 The Small Hours
03 The Wait
04 Crash Course In Brain Surgery
05 Last Caress, Green Hell
06 Am I Evil
07 Blitzkrieg
08 Breadfan
09 The Prince
10 Stone Cold Crazy
11 So What
12 Killing Time
13 Overkill
14 Damage Case
15 Stone Dead Forever
16 Too Late Too Late

This double-disc, all-covers release could come to represent a vital turning point for Metallica. While disc 2 is a straightforward collection of every cover the group have recorded in its 16-year history, disc 1 comprises 11 new selections drawn from the oeuvres of such exciting and diverse artists as U.K. punks Discharge and nefarious Australian Nick Cave...


Preview: Metallica - Killing Time: