Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey& his Inter-Reformers Band,Decca West Africa 1974 MP3/Flac

Hello groovers, it's saturday th 29th already, october is almost

gone, tonight we're going to turn back the clock one hour again.

Goodbeye summertime and hello autumn. Right here at the GG,

we're gonna extend summer a bit more. Maybe not sunny but

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey warms us with his hot blanket

of bubbling juju atmosphere, enjoy the chief once more...


1 Iwa ika ko pe

- Gbogbo bi a ti nse

- Maa se niso

- Ninu odun t'awa yi edumare jeki a lowo lowo

- Ori mi ma jeki nte

2 Motun gboro agba de

- Imole de

- Ilu mi ko kere

- Egba national anthem

- Lai ku ekiri

- Jinadu isale eko

- Eyo o