Pele Asampete,Rogers All Stars MP3/Flac

Don't you agree Pele Asampete is wearing a beautiful outfit ?

I'm always a bit jealous, if this white ass would wear it I'd look

like a jerk. On Rogers All Stars comes this RAS LPS 043, a

nice work of Nigerian highlife. No familiar names if it comes

to personel, take a look at the backsleeve which is in the file.

I think this LP is from 1983, giving the date on the front cover's

little sticker of Sud Radio. It can't be younger, that much is clear.

The music on this album really makes me happy for it's clear

and rocky sound, however I must take distance from any

religeous messages on this one. Lucky are we who do not

understand a word of what he is singing,..enjoy..


1 Ezi o goli

2 God only knows

3 Umn igbo

4 Which side you dey