Saturday's Children - 2 E.P.-Set (1966-67) MP3/Flac

From Chicago/Illinois, the Saturday's Children were a pleasant pop group, clearly influenced by The Beatles' "Rubber Soul" era. They released three singles on the Dunwich label and the unreleased "A Man With Money" appeared later on the retrospective compilation Early Chicago in 1971. These eight tracks are from the Sundazed double E.P. (Sundazed SEP-2 126 / 1997) and contains all their material.

- You Don't Know Better
- Born On Saturday
- I Hardly Know Her
- Leave That Baby Alone
- A Man With Money
- Tomorrow Is Her Name
- Christmas Sounds
- Deck Five

Ron Holder (gtr, vcls)
Dave Carter (gtr)
Jeff Boyan (bs, vcls)
Rick Goettler (organ)
George Paluch (drms)

Band origin:
Chicago (Illinois/US)

1. You Don't Know Better/Born On Saturday
   (Dunwich 139) 1966
2. Deck Five/Christmas Sounds (Dunwich 144) 1966
3. Leave That Baby Alone/I Hardly Know Her
   (Dunwich 156) 1967

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