Wild Cherries - That's Life (1965-68) MP3/Flac

The Wild Cherries started as a R&B combo in 1964. In their early days they often shared the gigs with The Purple Hearts. After a radical line-up change only founding member Les Gilbert remained and took over the keyboards. Lead guitarist Lobby Loyde (aka Barry Lyde) came from the Purple Hearts and as a five piece they released their first two singles in 1967. With new bass player John Phillips two more 45's followed a year later. The band went through a series of personnel changes and at the end of 1969 they finally call it quits. Lobby Loyde reformed the band as a power trio in 1971 but after a lone single the band finally falling apart. Half A Cow Records, who was responsible for the great Purple Hearts release "Benzedrine Beat", put out a complete discography (except the '71 recordings) of the Wild Cherries material (Half A Cow HAC 113 / 2007). Sad to say that "That's Life" didn't live up to my expectations. It is said that they were an adventurous and breathtaking live-band but on their recordings it seems that they couldn't unlock the handbrake. The strangely titled debut "Krome Plated Yabby" is not bad but nothing exceptional. The follow-up "That's Life" is far better and like its predecessor very much in the Cream style. The A-side of their third single "Gotta Stop Lying" is the best song to my ears and not unlike british psych-influenced Freak Beat. The 16 unreleased tracks, nine of them live, are more thrilling than their official releases. Especially their version of "Tobacco Road" is rough-as-guts and the live-version of "Without You" lives up for the name "Wild" Cherries. The CD comes with a 36 booklet and extensive liner notes.

- Krome Plated Yabby
- Everything I Do Is Wrong
- That's Life
- Try Me (I'm Not as Bad as You Think)
- Gotta Stop Lying
- Time Killer
- I Don't Care
- Theme for a Merry-Go-Round
- Without You
- Coming Home Baby
- Tobacco Road
- Worried Blues
- You Don't Love Me
- Get Out of My Life
- Bye Bye Bird
- Without You [version 2] • live
- I'm Your Kingpin • live
- Mad Man Blues • live
- Tobacco Road • live
- Parchman Farm • live
- Smokestack Lightning • live
- My Generation • live
- Ain't Got You • live
- Baby Please Don't Go • live

John Bastow (vcls, hrmnca) [AB]
Malcolm McGee (lead gtr, vcls) [AB]
Rob Lovett (rhythm gtr, vcls) [AB]
Les Gilbert (bs, organ) [ABCD]
Geoff Hales (drms) [A]
Kevin Murphy (drms) [B]
Danny Robinson (vcls) [CD]
Lobby Loyde (lead gtr) [CDEG]
Peter Eddy (bs) [C]
Keith Barber (drms) [CD]
John Phillips (bs) [D]
Matt Taylor (vcls) [E]
Barry Sullivan (lead gtr, rhythm gtr, bs) [EF]
Steve Pristash (bs) [EF]
Barry Harvey (drms) [E]
Brian Wilson (lead vcls) [F]
Tim Piper (gtr) [F]
Teddy Toi (bs) [G]
Johnny Dick (drms) [G]

Band origin:
Melbourne (Victoria/Australia)

1. (C) Krome Plated Yabby/Everything I Do Is Wrong
   (Festival FK 1879) 1967
2. (C) That's Life/Try Me (Festival FK 2052) 1967
3. (D) Gotta Stop Lying/Time Killer
   (Festival FK 2258) 1968
4. (D) I Don't Care/Theme For A Merry Go Round
   (Festival FK 2535) 1968
5. (G) I Am The Sea (Stop Killing Me)/Daily Planet
   (Havoc H 1006) 1971

1. (C) Krome Plated Yabby (Festival FX 11422) 1967

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