Tip Of The Top - From Memphis To Greaseland MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 54:55
Size: 127.2 MB
Label: Delta King Records
Styles: Electric Chicago blues
Year: 2011
Art: Front

[4:04] 1. I Ain't Worried
[4:37] 2. One Way Out
[4:07] 3. The Night Is Young
[4:19] 4. Mean Ol' Frisco
[4:45] 5. She's Too Much
[5:12] 6. I'm Lost
[2:50] 7. Rocker
[4:02] 8. Fattening Frogs for Snakes
[4:22] 9. Slidin' Home
[3:39] 10. My Baby's Gone (And I Feel Good)
[3:13] 11. Hard to Get
[4:48] 12. She's Fine
[4:50] 13. The Sportin' Life

Recorded and produced at Kid Andersen's world famous Greaseland Studios in Campbell CA, Tip of the Top's third album features smokin' hot originals, spontaeous takes on some blues classics and an all-star guest lineup featuring Johnny "Cat" Soubrand, Sid Morris and Chris "Kid" Andersen himself.

Who says the good old days of the blues are over? "This music isn't long gone; it's alive and happening right here and now in Northern California! " says blues guitar virtuoso Kid Andersen. He's talking about Tip of the Top, the San Francisco Bay Area band that has taken the blues scene by storm since 2009.

The band's musical style is reminiscent of the 1950's. Their live show delivers all the primitive pulsating rhythms, repetitive chord changes and gritty amplification that defines early American Rock 'n' Roll. But these bluesmen are no mere imitators. They feel this music to their core. They represent it with 100% authentic personal expression and deliver it with emotionally charged energy.

Tip of the Top's debut CD, Depot Street Blues, and their second release, Rock Tonight, received rave reviews from fans and blues critics alike. Their latest release From Memphis To Greaseland features some of the band's finest original work and their unique, spontaneous take on blues classics. Engineered and produced at the world-famous Greaseland Studios in Campbell, California, this album is a MUST HAVE for any serious blues afficionado!

Jon Lawton (lead, vocals), Frank de Rose (bass), Aki Kumar (harp, vocals), Carlos Velasco (drums).

From Memphis To Greaseland