Chris Thomas King - Red Mud MP3/Flac

Styles: Contemporary Blues, Modern Acoustic Blues
Released: 1998
Label: Black Top
File: mp3@256K/s
Size: 99.2 MB
Time: 54:09
Art: front

1. Red Mud - 4:09
2. If It Ain't One Thang, It's Two - 3:58
3. Soon This Morning Blues - 3:49
4. Come on in My Kitchen - 4:22
5. I'm on Fire - 3:30
6. Sinking Feelin' - 3:03
7. Alive - 3:43
8. Dark Cloud - 3:18
9. Hoodoo Party - 3:43
10. Rambling on My Mind - 3:04
11. Wanna Die With a Smile on My Face - 2:52
12. Death Letter Blues - 5:26
13. Bus Station Blues - 4:06
14. Raining Angels - 4:58

Chris Thomas King - Bass, Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Mixing, Percussion, Producer, Strings, Talk Box, Vocals
David Tarantolo - Organ
Tabby Thomas - Guitar, Vocals
Darryl White - Drums

Notes: This is King's sixth album and, unlike his previous releases, it is almost entirely acoustic. Chris is the son of famed Excello artist Tabby Thomas, and here the father joins the son for several cuts, including a fine duet called "Bus Station Blues" and a remake of Tabby's best known song, "Hoodoo Party." King's use of classical guitar on many of the numbers is fairly unique to blues, but with its plucky, snappy sound, it is a natural instrument for this kind of blues. Chris also uses a bit of "sampling" and other trendy effects and does it tastefully. His own songwriting reflects his eclectic background and tends to be introspective. There are also the obligatory Robert Johnson numbers ("Come in My Kitchen" and "Rambling on My Mind") and a pretty good rendition of Son House's stirring "Death Letter Blues." Overall, this is definitely an album for those of a more progressive bent. ~ Lars Gandil

Red Mud