Johnny & The Mo-Tones - 2 albums: Nothin\' To Lose / Two Hits For The Kitty: The Sun Studio Sessions MP3/Flac

Album: Nothin' To Lose
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 53:30
Size: 122.5 MB
Label: Altenburgh
Styles: Contemporary blues, Jump blues
Year: 2011
Art: Front

[3:49] 1. Nothin' To Lose
[3:31] 2. Baby Don't Jump
[4:48] 3. That's Why I Sing The Blues
[4:07] 4. Runaround
[3:36] 5. Rosie
[5:02] 6. Wish You Were Young Again
[4:15] 7. Maybe Baby
[3:33] 8. (There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover
[5:41] 9. Crazy People
[5:19] 10. One More Step
[4:15] 11. Taste of The Strange
[5:29] 12. Hey Joe

Following the success of the Johnny & MoTones first two "live in the studio" albums; Two Hits For The Kitty (The Sun Studio Sessions) and Get Gone (The Muscle Shoals Sessions) the group decided to spend 2010 doing a traditional studio album. Recorded at RiverSide Productions, Mosinee, WI January through August of 2010, the group features, Piano man Johnny Altenburgh and mainstays.... Chris O'Keefe, guitar, John Greiner, sax and Keras Nimz, guitar and vocals. Newcomers to the sessions are vocalist extraordinaire...Kevin Moore as well as veterans, drummer Ryan Korb, bassist, Bruce Lammers, Trumpeter Bob Kase, vocalists, Paula Hall, Ellen Altenburgh, Dave Baehrand former Curb Records artist, Mitch Viegut (AirKraft.)

This talented group of musicians effortlessly switch gears from Electric blues, to traditional blues to jump blues to Rhythm and blues and make it all work together! The MoTones unmistakable sound lives on in "Nothing To Lose!"

Mitch Viegut (vocals, guitar); Kevin Moore (vocals); Keras Rubka-Nims (guitar, background vocals); Chris O'Keefe (guitar); John Greiner (tenor saxophone); Bob Kase (trumpet); Johnny Altenburg (piano, keyboards, background vocals); Ryan Korb (drums); Dave Baehr (cowbells, background vocals); Paula Hall, Ellen Altenburgh (background vocals).

Nothin' To Lose

Album: Two Hits For The Kitty: The Sun Studio Sessions
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 38:14
Size: 87.5 MB
Label: Altenburgh
Styles: Contemporary blues. Jump blues
Year: 2006
Art: Front

[3:50] 1. Walk On
[5:17] 2. Terminal Blues
[6:58] 3. Blues For The Killer
[5:09] 4. Two Hits For The Kitty
[3:48] 5. Puff's Blues
[6:37] 6. Walking Away
[2:50] 7. Bo Did Boogie
[3:41] 8. I Don't Know Why

The Johnny & The Mo-Tones cd, Two Hits For The Kitty, The Sun Studio Sessions found it's way into the world's blues charts at the Roots Music Report blues charts for a total of 17 weeks during the Spring and Summer months of 2006. ~rootsmusicreport .

Chris O'Keefe, Keras Rubka-Nims, James Lott, John Altenburgh, John Greiner, Mark Mattioli.

Two Hits For The Kitty: The Sun Studio Sessions