Johnny Adams - Reconsider Me MP3/Flac

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Time: 52:52
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 1976/2011
Styles: Blues Soul, New Orleans Blues, R&B
Label: Master Classics Records
Art: Front

01. Reconsider Me (4:01)
02. The Tender Side Of Me (3:24)
03. Lonely Man (2:38)
04. Too Much Pride (1:49)
05. Release Me (2:54)
06. Proud Woman (2:42)
07. I Can't Be All Bad (3:05)
08. A Losing Battle (2:52)
09. I Won't Cry (3:08)
10. You Can Depend On Me (3:02)
11. I Have No One (2:48)
12. If I Could See You One More Time (3:38)
13. Real Live Hurtin' Man (3:15)
14. Down By The River (2:22)
15. In A Moment Of Weakness (2:41)
16. Kiss The Hurt Away (2:43)
17. I Don't Worry Myself (2:39)
18. You Made A New Man Out Of Me (3:04)

This 18 song compilation is the only place to find a decent cross-section of Johnny Adams' SSS sides, including his two biggest hits, the stately "Release Me" and the truly stunning "Reconsider Me." Not all of Adams' late-'60s waxings were ballads; "South Side of Soul Street" is a sizzling upbeat workout. But it's as a balladeer that Adams has always excelled, and some of his finest soul senders are to be found on Reconsider Me. ~Review by Bill Dahl