David Daniels - Dressed Like A Fool MP3/Flac

Size: 99,9 MB
Time: 43:13
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2011
Styles: Modern Electric Blues, Blues Rock, Blues Jazz
Label: I55 Productions
Art: Front

01. Dressed Like A Fool (3:17)
02. Good Bye (4:11)
03. Just Another Blues Song (3:13)
04. Thing About You (4:04)
05. I Hold On (3:24)
06. Burned (4:28)
07. Early Morning Lowdown Blues (3:55)
08. My Desire (3:49)
09. I've Got Plans (3:56)
10. She's The One (4:00)
11. Rosco (4:54)

From the first few notes that scream out of David Daniel's amplifier, you can not only gather that he is a skilled guitarist and a seasoned musician, but that he can interpret the blues genre fluently and make his playing speak to people on an emotional level. This top-notch musician has played around this area off and on since his childhood, and is now in the process of promoting his new album, Dressed Like a Fool, which solidifies his already strong reputation as a blues guitarist and songwriter.