Papa Juke - Out Of The Blues MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 49:09
Size: 113.7 MB
Label: (Self released)
Styles: Funky blues
Year: 2011
Art: Front

[4:53] 1. Never Lost Love
[5:24] 2. Sizzle
[3:19] 3. Well Babe
[3:11] 4. Love Ladder
[4:56] 5. Grocery Store
[6:01] 6. Delivery Man
[3:52] 7. Never Enough
[6:05] 8. Blused and Confused
[6:10] 9. Mojo Queen
[5:14] 10. Weak and Weary

*Papa Juke is the originator of Juke, a contemporary stew of blues that they serve up hot. The recipe for Juke calls for pouring out some soulful blues and then stirring in a spoonful of swing, a fistful of rock, a bucket of boogie, a slice of country, a ladle of Latin, a pinch of reggae, a splash of Cajun and a generous dollop of old school R & B. Add a big squirt of funk with a dash of jazz and then sprinkle in liberally some hot gospel. Let it cook for a few hours over a hot jam. Juke has been known to cure the blues, dismiss a hangover and even bring together long lost lovers.

Out Of The Blues