Eddie Kirkland - Pick Up The Pieces MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 61:58
Size: 141.8 MB
Label: Koch
Styles: Detroit blues
Year: 2011
Art: Front

[8:23] 1. Pick Up The Pieces
[6:08] 2. Why Can't I Be Your Backdoor Man Instead
[5:29] 3. Turning Point
[6:07] 4. Walking At Midnight
[5:31] 5. Don't Monkey Around With Me
[4:24] 6. Write My Baby A Letter
[6:16] 7. Working Man
[7:10] 8. I've Got To Leave Your Town
[5:43] 9. I'm A Stranger
[6:41] 10. Pick Up The Pieces

By 1980, when he made this CD, Eddie Kirkland was already a blues legend. That was little help to him - legend or not, the blues was in one of its perennial quiet periods.

When JSP boss John Stedman came across him in a New York club, it turned out that Eddie was not only looking for a record deal, but he had a set of songs ready for release.

Here's the result - the sides from an LP that has never before been transferred to CD and, for the first time, some tracks that didn't (for space reasons) make it onto the original album. This is hard blues by a master who's seen it all. If the business is in a trough, so what - the man still gives of his best. The previously unreleased material is from a different session - a little funkier and with a fascinating alternative version of the title song.

Pick Up The Pieces