Sheba Potts-Wright - I\'m A Bluesman\'s Daughter MP3/Flac

Size: 99,1 MB
Time: 43:16
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2008
Styles: Blues Soul
Label: Ecko Records
Art: Front

01. You've Been Sleeping On The Job (4:21)
02. I'm A Bluesman's Daughter (4:01)
03. Why Am I Still Lonely (4:44)
04. Where's The Party At (3:42)
05. What One Man Won't Do Another Man Will (4:45)
06. Mississippi Man (4:25)
07. One Weak Moment (4:47)
08. I'm Not Gonna Chase You (4:38)
09. Your Loss Is My Gain (3:57)
10. You've Been Using Me (3:51)

Ecko Records Recording artist Ms. Sheba Delight Potts was born the 30th day of January under the sign of Aquarius and lived her younger days in Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI and Greenwood, MS. She now resides in Memphis, TN. Sheba started singing, at 9 months old, according to her father. The song was "To Hard To Handle”, by Otis Redding. By the time that Sheba was 4 years old she was singing for the family, friends and neighbors and they would give her 25 cents. When she was in the 6th grade she joined the band and the choir too. She played the xylophone, alto and tenor saxophone. She won a scholarship in band and choir and attended Rust College where she joined one of the most talented choirs in the Nation. At about this time she also started performing with her father, Dr."Feelgood" Potts who had been recording since the 70's. With him, she opened and shared the stage with artists such as Willie Clayton, Pat Brown, Vickie Baker, Shirley Brown, and her favorite male artist, Marvin Sease. From there she started performing with Quinn Golden, opening the show and also singing background. She also shared the stage with O.B. Buchanan, David Brinston, and many others. Sheba soon landed a permanent place traveling and performing with the Queen of The Blues, Denise LaSalle. She opened the show and also did background. When asked about her feelings toward Denise, Sheba states, " the B***is bad!" and smiles. Sheba received a lot of exposure with Denise sharing the stage with even more of the greats like Bobby Bland, Little Milton, Latimore, Bobby Rush, Tyrone Davis, Marvin Sease, Mel Waiters, Peggy Scott-Adams, Bobby Womack, Zapp, Shirley Brown, and so many others. Sheba began her recording career when she met Wolfe Stevenson in 1987 and was able to do some voice backgrounds with Harrison Calloway at Malaco Studio for the late great Johnnie Taylor. Sheba’s career as a solo artist began in 2001 with her first CD release entitled "SHEBA". The CD, which contained a female version of the hit song "Slow Roll It", sprang her to stardom. This song became an instant hit with heavy requests in radio, suddenly creating HOT Demand for Sheba's live performance. Two more Ecko Records releases, “Love Fest” and “I Need A Cowboy To Ride My Pony” were released in 2002 and 2004 respectively. Sheba’s newest CD “Big Hand Man” was released in March of 2006. As with all her other releases, this one is unforgettable and after just one listen you'll enjoy her style. That's "Sheba Potts-Wright”. In 2005 Sheba won the International Female Artist of the Year Award at the Jackson Music Awards. She beat out some of the best female artists in the Country. Sheba continues to perform all across the country delighting her many fans.