Fred Chapellier & Friends - A Tribute to Roy Buchanan MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 57:37
Size: 131.9 MB
Label: Dixie Frog
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 2007
Art: Front

[3:17] 1. High Wire
[5:03] 2. I Can't Lose The Blues
[4:36] 3. My Baby Says She's Gonna Leave Me
[4:38] 4. After Hours
[6:12] 5. Blues For Roy
[3:48] 6. Further On Up The Road
[5:02] 7. A Nickle And A Nail
[1:57] 8. Reelin' And A Rockin'
[4:18] 9. Beer Drinking Woman
[4:04] 10. The Chokin' Kind
[3:52] 11. That's What I'm Here For
[4:26] 12. The Messiah Will Come Again
[2:31] 13. Rockin' Roy
[3:47] 14. That's What I'm Here For (Instrumental)

Roy Buchanan is one of those guitarists that probably never got the recognition he deserved. French guitarist Fred Chapellier was convinced by his incredible guitar skills from an early age and thus has been a big influence on his playing. The CD fuses some great blues guitar work with songs by Roy Bucanhan, Fred Chappelier and other blues standards. Not many could make a telecaster sing the way Roy Buchanan did.

For this tribute Fred Chapellier explores the guitar legend’s repertoire with the help of some ace musicians. These include Billy Price, former vocalist with The Buchanan Band and Tom Principato, one of Roy’s jamming buddies plus US guitarist Neal Black. Jean Alain Roussel, producer of Roy's final album, played keyboards and was in charge of production. A sizzling set with blistering guitar solos and some gentler moments that will get accolades from Roy Buchanan buffs of all continents. If you have never listened to Roy Buchanan, here is a good place to start and then work back through Roy’s catalogue of CDs to hear what made Fred Chapellier say “ The sound of a guitar that grabbed my soul and pieced my heart like nothing I had ever heard before.”

A Tribute to Roy Buchanan