The Electric Kings - 2 albums: Electronic / Live At BRBF 2005 MP3/Flac

Album: Electronic
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 44:17
Size: 101.4 MB
Label: Red White 'n Blues
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 1997
Art: Front

[2:23] 1. In the Mood
[2:35] 2. Bonus Pay
[2:49] 3. Two Headed Woman
[3:01] 4. Who Will Be Next
[4:57] 5. Pee-Bone Blues
[4:41] 6. Lonesome Road Blues
[2:34] 7. I'm Your Boogie Man
[2:05] 8. Juicer
[3:25] 9. Blue Bird Blues
[2:55] 10. Boogiehouse Stomp
[2:54] 11. Straighten 'up
[6:53] 12. Down Child
[3:00] 13. My Baby

Full circle. What started almost 10 years ago at the Belgium Rhythm and Blues
Festival (BRBF) in Peer, starts again with that same festival.

Let us refresh your memories: some 10 years ago, 5 guys from different bands in Belgium decided it was time to have some fun and play the music they all loved: authentic, vintage blues

with soul and without frills. The band was named "The Electric Kings" and
took off almost immediately. Only 6 months after foundation the ‘Kings’ were booked at the prestigious Belgium Rhythm ’n Blues Festival. The first album ‘Not For Sale’ (recorded in two days!) got rave reviews and the gig at the festival blew everybody away. From then on the band was booked throughout Europe and was considered as one of the finest European blues- en roots groups.

"Electronic" was the highly anticipated follow-up album and –again- proved that the typical "no nonsense" vintage blues and cool selfwritten material appealed to a very large crowd.

On presentation day the band invited special guests like Johnny Dyer, Mark Hummel and Al Copley to sit in. The "Electronic" album sold 800 copies that same day in under two hours. Funky!


Album: Live @ BRBF 2005
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 60:37
Size: 138.8 MB
Label: Naked Productions
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 2006
Art: Front

[ 4:40] 1. Lollipop Mama
[ 6:59] 2. Hoodoo Man Blues
[ 9:31] 3. Commit A Crime
[ 4:31] 4. Follow My Lead
[ 6:01] 5. Too Many Drivers
[ 5:23] 6. Trust My Baby
[ 6:51] 7. Alive At The Mall
[10:53] 8. Pretty Little Thing
[ 5:45] 9. Long Distance Call

The Electric Kings were asked to do an exclusive reunion show at BRBF.
We decided to go for it and record the whole thing. You can imagine what happened next. The gig turned out to be a huge party and the whole thing felt…right again. So there you have it.

The Electric Kings are back with a new album (Live @ BRBF 2005), the original line-up and a tour which will take the band all over the globe.
Expect fresh new sounds, groovy rhythms and some soulfull tunes from a bunch of guys with just one passion: good, honest music.

Big Dave: harmonica, vocals; Luke Alexander: guitar; Willy Maze: drums; Mark T.: guitar; RC Stock.: bass

Live @ BRBF 2005