The Sean Chambers Band - Live from The Long Island Blues Warehouse MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 34:45
Size: 79.6 MB
Label: Blue Heat
Styles: Blues Rock, Modern electric blues
Year: 2011
Art: Front

[3:08] 1. Dixie 45
[3:34] 2. Love Can Find a Way
[4:29] 3. Full Moon on Main Street
[3:09] 4. Strong Temptation
[4:27] 5. Dust My Broom
[4:57] 6. Crazy for Loving You
[3:23] 7. Danger Zone
[3:40] 8. Too Much Blues
[3:55] 9. Hip Shake Boogie

Each of Florida-based blues guitarist Sean Chambers' three studio albums is on a different record label, so it may be that his fourth release, Live from the Long Island Blues Warehouse, which draws its repertoire from them, is a means of putting songs from the first two discs, Strong Temptation and Humble Spirits, on his current imprint, Blue Heat. In any case, it is a summing up of a talented if very familiar-sounding player whose guitar work is deep in the tradition of blues-rock as purveyed by Jimi Hendrix and, particularly, Johnny Winter. Chambers, fronting a trio that includes the rhythm section of bassist Tim Blair and drummer Paul Broderick (and with harmonica player Gary Keith piping up on "Love Can Find a Way"), plays forceful, quick-note leads on tunes that are often billed as originals, even if they sound like a lot of other blues songs. He favors fast tempos, but even when he turns to a slow blues like his cover of the Kinsey Report's "Full Moon on Main Street," he usually sticks to a fleet-fingered approach over the reduced tempo. He sings in a baritone with gruff edges, though not nearly as much of a howl as the voice of Johnny Winter. As with his predecessors, however, the vocals aren't really what matters, and Chambers dispenses with them on "Dixie 45" and "Hip Shake Boogie," the latter billed as a new, previously unreleased original even if, as its title suggests, it's really a jam on a time-tested blues structure. Sean Chambers may not be doing anything new on this live set, but his playing is sufficiently accomplished to satisfy blues fans who have heard others play in this style before him. ~ William Ruhlmann

Live from The Long Island Blues Warehouse