Bireli Lagrene - To Bi Or Not To Be (2006) MP3/Flac

Bireli Lagrene - To Bi Or Not To Be (2006)

Bireli Lagrene, heir apparent to the legacy of legendary Gypsy guitar player Django Reinhardt, has recently released an outstanding two-CD set, Djangology/To Bi Or Not To Bi . The first disc was recorded live with the powerhouse German big band, WDR; the second is a solo endeavor that showcases Lagrene's remarkable virtuosity.

On To Bi Or Not To Bi, which includes 10 Django Reinhardt compositons, Lagrene plays unamplified, solo guitar, giving full payment on his debt to Reinhardt. One stand-out track is the complex ???Sur La Croisette,??? to which Lagrene gives an enjoyable classical twist. Rock checks in too, with a tongue- in-cheek medley featuring Queen??™s ???We Are The Champions??? and ???We Will Rock You??? and the pop hit ???It Was A Very Good Year.???

1. Sur la Croisette
2. London (Soli Love)
3. R & Bi
4. Deauville en Ville: We Are the Champions/We Will Rock You/It Was a Very Good Year
5. Sous les Pommiers
6. Capucines
7. Belle Vie
8. Madras Express
9. Amparo
10. Bar de Nuit
Total Time: 61:16

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